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Common Queries

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When will the product be in stock?

any product that is out of stock is produced on an as-needed basis; contact us, and we will begin production, when it comes to spawning, fruiting blocks, and cultures. we try to keep some of these items in stock based on projections. 

if any equipment, supplies, substrates, or ingredients are out of stock; they should be back in stock soon! you are welcome to ask us when we think it will be back!

dehydrated mushrooms, tinctures, and the like are made from our overstock and there is no timeline for them currently although that may change based on demand.

what is the timeline on out of stock spawn , blocks and cultures?

spawn will take 2-4 weeks, cultures 2-3 weeks, and blocks 2-6 weeks

What is your return policy?

we have a 100% sterility guarantee! our advanced lab keeps contamination at bay. Every culture is double tested! If it is not sterile we will replace it!

anything that is damaged in shipping will either be refunded or replaced.

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